OSCE : : Resolution


In July 2012, the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly passed a resolution calling on all OSCE member states to impose visa sanctions and asset freezes on people who are responsible for the false arrest, torture and murder of Sergei Magnitsky, and the corruption he had uncovered. The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly brought together 320 members of parliament from 56 OSCE countries to discuss human rights, conflict prevention and promotion of democracy throughout OSCE countries. The resolution was approved by an overwhelming majority. Only 18 deputies voted against it and 11 abstained. In the resolution, the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly stated that the harassment and torture of Sergei Magnitsky in custody was and remains politically motivated. The OSCE resolution expressed “regret” that the Russian authorities exonerated officials involved and deplored the posthumous prosecution launched against Magnitsky by the Russian government. Joao Soares (Portugal), former president of the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, introduced the resolution and 13 supporting speeches were made as well as one by Senator John McCain who spoke on behalf of the US Delegation to the OSCE PA.