Global Initatives

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Parliamentary Assemby of The Council of Europe

On the 25 June 2013, Swiss MP Andreas Gross, rapporteur for the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) on the Sergei Magnitsky case, presented a report entitled “Refusing Impunity for the Killers of Sergei Magnitsky” to the council’s Human Rights and Legal Affairs Committee in Strasbourg. The report claims “high-level” Russian state officials orchestrated a “cover-up” and was completed after a six-month investigation in which Gross visited Moscow, London, Cyprus, and Bern.


In January 2013, it was reported that the Lithuanian authorities had frozen accounts related to the stolen money which was exposed by Magnitsky.

European Union

  1. In December 2010, a resolution was passed with an over­whelming majority of 318 in favour and 163 against (with 95 absten­tions).
  2. In December 2011, the Euro­pean Parliament strongly condemned the impunity of Russian officials involved in the false arrest, torture and murder of the Russian anti-corruption lawyer Sergei Magnitsky and has moved to cre­ate con­se­quences for the Russ­ian bureau­crats involved in the cover-up.
  3. On the 23rd October 2012, the European Parliament recommended that the Council of the European Union impose sanctions against Russian officials involved in the incarceration of Moscow lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, who died in pre-trial detention in 2009.

United States

The Magnitsky Act,  is a bipartisan bill which was sponsored by Sen. Ben Cardin and Sen. John McCain and was passed by the US Congress in November–December 2012. The bill was signed into law by President Barack Obama on December 14, 2012.


Honourable Irwin Cotler introduced Bill 339, An Act to condemn corruption and impunity in Russia in the case and death of Sergei Magnitsky, in The House of Commons in October 2011.

United Kingdom

A motion introduced in the British Parliament to commemorate the life of Sergei Magnitsky.


Resolution to impose visa and economic sanctions on Russian officials responsible for the imprisonment, torture and death of Sergei Magnitsky


Parliamentary petition to impose EU-wide visa sanctions on Russian officials responsible in the death of Sergei Magnitsky


Motion condemning the lack of proper investigation into Magnitsky’s death.


Italian motion calling for visa bans and asset freezes on the 60 Russian officials identified by the US Helsinki Commission for their role in the false arrest, torture and death of Sergei Magnitsky.


The OSCE Parliamentary Assembly passed a resolution calling on all OSCE member states to impose visa sanctions and asset freezes on people who are responsible for the false arrest, torture and murder of Sergei Magnitsky.